Tara & Rob Zenker

Verkauf Einfamilienhaus, Appenzell

We saw quite a few estate agents, including some well-known names. Out of them we preferred Helen Bögle for quite a few reasons. Firstly, she struck as straightforward and someone with integrity; not a salesy pushy person like some agents. Secondly, we really liked the brochures she produced for the properties she was selling and had sold: the photographer spent a whole day with us taking photos. The end result was great. Thirdly she charged a sensible fee for her work, unlike some. Those were the main reasons we chose her.

It took about a year to sell our house. During that time Helen kept us up-to-date; returned our calls and emails promptly and when it was helpful to sit down and talk things through, that’s what we did.

Selling a property is often stressful. We found that working with her and the good advice she gave us kept the stress to a minimum. She also has very good contacts. Most of all there was just the feeling that she wanted to deliver a first-rate service, something we are very pleased to say she did. So, from both of us, “Helen, thank you very much for all your good work!” Tara and Rob